Sorry the day has gotten away from me and I have not had a single minute to post. I had to teach this morning and found myself vacuuming frantically and scrubbing the bathroom with only an hour to spare. Not to mention I had not planned the actual lesson. It all worked out but I must try and be more organized.

I have done a small amount of sewing. I'm working on library totes for boys. I found some really gorgeous classic trains fabric last week which is very nice. My husband said he loves the material so I hope it will appeal to the boys.

I want to give a shout-out to poor old Katharine at Alfalfa. She had a nasty accident this week and needed surgery. Get well soon Katharine!

I also forgot to mention that I have ordered the promotional material for the Chatty Cafe! I've cut part off here since my address and phone numbers are on there. You can see the other half is pink and brown. It says Chatty Cafe in the brown section. Goodness knows when I will have time to do it but I am hoping there will be some free hours in the day when I no longer have to drive Biggie to school. I've ordered these postcard size from VistaPrint. I loved the suggestions made in the post below and I think I can make it work.


  1. Thanks Jacqui for the shout out. Feeling good now but I hate trying to walk on the bruise. Thats terrible about your sewing machine. My quilting teacher said that we should get our machines serviced once a year. I haven't yet and I've had my machine for five years or so. I think it badly needs a service though. Right now would be a good time as I can't really think about sewing after my seam ripper injury.

  2. I like your Chatty Cafe print!
    I also thought, you could print out some recipes (maybe from same cookies/cakes, you plan to share), so You can hand out these for your guests?

    Alfalfa- get well soon! It`s time to relax now :)


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