Walk the Plank Landlubbers

My titles are so cliche. I sew! I'm not a writer!

My latest bag is for the girl with attitude. No lace or frills for this lass.

Biggie and I chose this fabric together. He's been a pirate lover in the past. I think Biggie has a great eye (some say a Queer Eye, LOL). We chose the strap and buckles to tone in with the overall purple look to the bag.

Me hearties, what do you think?


  1. I think this is the greatest fabric I`ve seen in ages!
    Your son definitely has an eye :)
    Oh, prepare to make lots of these bags and for grown - up`s too!!

  2. That one looks really cool. Is that for little girls then? Sally

  3. Thanks!

    It's for 3 + I think Sally.

    Eva, I am in love with this fabric for myself. It's so cool.

  4. I can't see why it can't be put away until she is older, Sally, my DD grew up so fast but she does have a very set idea of what she likes! She is just 3 and very into frills and froufrous and pretty stuff!


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