Where has the week gone? TGIF!

I know I said I was trying to get back into the blogging groove yesterday but it still hasn't happened.

The kids are both still sick. Biggie is home from school and on antibiotics now. Little Guy has some cough syrup. Neither of them is very happy. The doctor we saw last night was very nice and I felt pleased with the outcome.

I haven't done any sewing all week except I did receive an order a couple of days ago that I've finished and mailed off. That was great. It's thrilling when someone stumbles upon my shop.

For Mee a Bee I have re-shot a couple of photos and made some small changes to the shop mainly behind the scenes. There are a lot of tools and tutorials on Etsy that help make a shop successful. It's quite time consuming and mind boggling. It's actually pretty hard being the sole creator of the products as well as the manager of the entire business. I'm just taking one step at a time. I spent the evening last night trying to get my head around the books (accounts).

In a couple of hours my Friday student will be arriving. Yesterday teaching was the last thing I felt like doing but as always it was a lovely morning spent chatting and she brought chocolate! Today will be the same if Little Guy can stop crying. I better see what's the matter.

OK, I'm back, Little Guy must really be sick as he's agreed to go for a lie down. Now I'm in a quandary about the day's lesson. I may have to reschedule.



  1. Hey, not so good in your house either huh? I have had DS home ALL week! These kids have watched so much TV in the last few days they will have used up a years allowance!

    I am attempting to make DSs new trousers....

  2. Whatever it is going around right now is really hanging on for the long haul. We are all still sick around here, except DH who never gets sick 'cause even germs avoid him. LOL! Hope the boys get better soon.

  3. I love your descriptions of your DH, germs avoid him, hehehe.


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