Work in Progress

I'm working on a bag that has been ordered to carry a laptop or textbook but at the same time function as a cute handbag. I think I've managed to meet those requirements.

It's about half done. It was perhaps foolish to buy striped fabric as I have had to match the stripes horizontally around the entire bag then also match the straps that wrap vertically around. I stabbed my thumb with the eye end of a needle earlier this evening so I had to pack up since I can't sew with a big band aid plaster on.


  1. Oooh! I like this bag. It's very cute.

    Where do you get your ideas? Or is that a trade secret??

  2. I really like the material you have chosen for this bag!

  3. Thanks! I don't have any trade secrets. I just look at the fabrics available and try to imagine what they'll look good sewn into. I hope I have a good eye this way!

    Penny, I wasn't keen on this fabric on the bolt in the shop but now that it's taking shape I think it's so cute.

  4. Hmmm I LOVE the idea and the laptop accommodation...Material in blues and mauves....


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