Back in business!

The new machine has arrived! It's so good! It's going to take some getting used to as it is very fast. It only does straight stitch so I'll still need my other machine too. It came with a beautiful large detachable table/arm so it's perfect for larger items such as quilts. It's easy to thread up although it has a lot of hooks so I'll need to read the instructions every time for a while.

It's hard to say if I will like it better than my Toyota. The Toyota is a home sewing machine so it has a lot of "Good Design" features such as the needle always finishing in the up position, adjustable speed, even the plugs are shaped so they slot in easily.

I've sent the family out for the afternoon so I can get stuck into the backlog. My first two completed projects: a bag for Hina, our little friend down the road, and an Apples and Pears Apron for a Mee a Bee customer.

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