Business Card Swap

Eva and I have been doing a swap. I asked her for some extra business cards to pass out to friends. She asked the same of me and she also came up with the idea of tiny fabric samples. I mailed these today: fabric scraps glued onto postcards. I had fun matching the Moo cards to the fabrics.

The French Kitty Cats has been my best seller and most often inquired after. I sold the last item today and am left with tiny scraps only. I will try and get some more next time I am in town. I think the second most popular fabric has been the Busy Bees which was the first fabric I bought and made up for Mee a Bee. The ladybirds in the right corner has not appeared at Mee a Bee, all the items went to the kindergarten craft fair.


  1. Thanks! You're so encouraging Sherry, I really appreciate that.

  2. Oh, wow! These are even better than I imagined :) Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. too damn cute!!!!

    do I get one???

    and hey, is there anyway I can link to your selling stuff from my blog... I think I have a link to you....

    you know, something like...."I don't sell stuff, but she does.."

    by the way, I sent Mrs. T. something to pass on to you. Make sure that she does~!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Jan, I'll make one for you. I have your Howling Wolf Card on my notice board.

    You might have to ask your wordpress buddies how to link to me. Can I put a link back to you somewhere?

    link to

    that'd be great! I'm sure your quilting friends will love my new craft packs (without the buttons and stuff)

    Mrs. T hinted that there was a little something in the mail for me, thanks!!!


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