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The cards I ordered for the Chatty Cafe won't be here for another couple of weeks. And not a moment too soon. I felt quite upset after yesterday's play date. One of the mothers was asked how she came to know me. She answered that she loves foreigners and speaking English. She probably thought that sounded friendly and how very open-minded of her. But I felt used for my nationality and ability to speak English. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt since she seems like a genuine person. And I'm willing to overlook it since the kids got along famously. I know some of my Japan-based readers can empathize with this scenario. I might have felt better if she were here as a paying customer. You can say that sort of thing if you have signed up for a course.


  1. Totally empathize! I hate feeling used. I know that it's normal for Japanese people to put their friends (well, acquaintances) into little boxes but I'm still not okay with being inside one of those boxes.

    The Chatty Cafe sounds awesome! I hope that it goes over really well!

  2. I just hope I have some other redeeming qualities :)

  3. There aren't enough hours in the day to make a list of all your redeeming qualities! Actually, you kind of make the rest of us look bad so knock it off. LOL!

    It always leaves me shaking my head when Japanese people say stuff like that. I am certain they don't mean it to be offensive, but it makes me feel like they are out shopping for a pet and if a new and improved gaijin comes along I will get sent off to the gajin dog pound.

  4. Can't tell you how much I hate that kind of comment too. I feel lumped in with everyone who's "Non-Japanese." I also can't help wondering how true it is. Sure, they like foreigners from English speaking countries...but what if they were from deepest darkest Albania? India? France? Would they like those foreigners?

    Hopefully her intended openness was genuine and she didn't just want a pet!

  5. LOL Sherry. Raising the bar too much am I?

    I think the adopt a pet metaphor sums it up.

    I saw my other friend yesterday and she asked me how i felt about that comment. Obviously it was inappropriate, which she attributed to excitement.


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