Craft Packs

Since I can't sew at the moment I am concentrating my efforts on a new mini project - craft packs. I have always maintained that I won't sell just fabric on Etsy except under special circumstances, this might be one of them (no sewing machine!)

I've noticed that there seems to be a huge nautical trend coming up for summer. Look here at Lands'End and over here at J Crew. Just the kids pages since that what pops into my in-box.

This is what I have put together: two different colors of printed anchor fabrics and coordinating nautically inspired red polka dots and blue stripes. I found the best anchor buttons in five different sizes but settled on the largest ones and a smaller couple. Lastly the navy and white cording rope for finishing touches. I'll be cutting this fabric into packages, fat quarters and other craft sizes. Imagine the possibilities.

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