The first craft pack is ready

The first craft pack is on its merry way to the post office. It looks lovely. I sewed everything onto cards, then I packed everything into a little printed plastic bag. Cute!


  1. Did you sew on the appliques? Or however you spell that word. LOL! I had to sew some on to the insides of uniforms and it was soooo hard to get through them with the needle? Is there a trick to it?

    Mine were really the iron on kind so maybe that coating on the back made it more difficult. Had to iron them on then sew on for extra protection or the school would have a nervous breakdown.

  2. I stuck them on with double sided tape.

    I have tried to sew them on and the end of the needle (with the eye) went through my thumb, ouch!

    Our kindy has a no appliqué rule thankfully.

    LOL nervous breakdown is right.


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