Good Morning

The baby is busy throwing his weetbix cereal on the floor and grinding a banana in his hair but I am determined to do some computer work while he is securely fastened in his high chair!

This week I'm working on my bias binding attaching skills. My new machine is very fast but I have that under control now. I have read and re-read the instructions in my sewing book. After five un-picks I think I have finally mastered it. This pot-mitt needs one more tear down but the bag I am working on is going well so far. Hint: binding around corners is tough :)


  1. Binding is tough, but it only needs some practice :) No magical skills required :))

  2. I'm getting better. One small tip is that one side is ever so slightly wider than the other. Place the narrow side on the front of your item, then stitch just inside the crease (inside being on the side of the raw edge). That seems to be working!

  3. good going on the binding- it looks like you know a lot more about it than me! i still find it a mystery, esp. around corners.


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