Happy Easter

Hi all, Easter is not celebrated here in Japan but Happy Easter anyway. I'm busy with the kids today so I'll check in later.


  1. Hi :) ...thanks for dropping by my blog! It's great to "meet" you. I have bookmarked yours. I have a real connection with Japan - even though I've never been there - I just have a feeling that I would really like the place if I ever visited :)

  2. Thanks Sugarloop, so much! I admit to being a lurker on your blog since I saw your beautiful pictures somewhere ... maybe design sponge or one of those wonderful blogs.

    If you ever come you must look me up, I am right by Osaka, Kansai airport.

    Next time I'm coming to Auckland I'll drop you a line in case you need anything.

  3. Happy easter to you too!I wonder whether your boy(s) have asked what`s Easter all about?

  4. Biggie has a vague idea since he attended a Catholic kindergarten. He knows about Christmas but Easter tends to fall during the spring break so they don't teach it.

    His depictions of Easter have crosses with Jesus on them, without the nails to make them more cheerful. His words.


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