Happy Spring day

It's gorgeous weather and I am happy! I just received a huge box of goodies from Lands'End - there's nothing like online shopping to put some cheer in the day.

Before you go thinking there's old money bags buying stuff again look where I got everything from: Overstocks. It says save up to 65%. Since I am not fussed about having the latest designs it's perfect for me.

The most expensive thing I ordered was a pair of gaucho jeans at $34.50 and I splurged on a washable linen dress $29.99. Everything else was less than $20.00 actually less than $15.

Normally I feel depressed as we head into summer - nothing to wear, nothing fits, I've put on weight over winter, etc, etc. This summer I am good to go. I simply don't have time to cry each morning as I gaze on my awful selection of clothes.

In other good news, my old sewing machine has come home. It wasn't too expensive to repair and it's been delivered right by to the door by my hunky courier guy (I think it's well known amongst the Japan gals that KuroNeko hires the hunks).

On Monday the postcards for the Chatty Cafe arrived. They look great. I showed them to my friend and my husband. They both agreed it seems a great idea and that the cards look very professional. My husband was impressed by my design skills but VistaPrint gives you a lot of help with templates. I'll only need to host one Cafe morning to pay for the postcards so it was worth doing.

Lastly, I am happy to report I have finally taken Sherry's advice and joined Co-op for grocery delivery. She recommended another place but I've decided that Co-op looks good. They are coming this afternoon to pick up the forms. I hope it's not too complicated as I will have to manage in Japanese.

It's a half day at kindergarten today. My friend has put her daughter into the after-school class today but I couldn't as I had no weiners. What are weiners, you might ask? That's what Japanese people call small cocktail sausages. The word makes me laugh and I prefer not to use it. Anyway we all had a laugh over "No weiners, no bento lunch". They both agreed that weiners are pretty much the staple in the kids lunches. I'm not the only one who is disorganized with groceries (not for much longer though).

On that note, I hear the washing machine beeping, it's finished the load.


  1. Glad to hear you joined a co-op. It makes things so much easier for me. You shouldn't have any trouble with the order forms. They all seem to work basically the same and really all you have to do is match up the item number in the catalog to the number on the form. There are always lots of pictures too.

  2. The woman came a little while ago, she could not have been friendlier and so helpful. It was very simple to join up, took half an hour which included her trying to find the English words. It's a very straight-forward system thankfully. I'm actually pretty excited about it.

  3. I'm sure you'll like it. I find it so helpful for heavy and bulky things since I don't drive here. For a while right after Destructor was born I was a member of two, but that when I moved I dropped the one I liked the least. Now I have my co-op and Yoshikei so rarely even go to a grocery store.

    I also have some very affordable supplementary insurance through the co-op too. Did she tell you about the little savings thing they do, or I assume yours does since most of them do?

  4. I loved ordering from the co-op, not least because my delivery guy was really sexy! ;-) It really makes a big difference though as I would make sure to order all the heavy stuff and all the bento stuff from them and as a result my menus were much easier to plan/control. Hated trawling around supermarkets to try and find the stuff I wanted. (Osaka is probably much better but in Kagoshima I needed to go to about 3/4 different places to assemble everything I needed!)

    You will have no probs with your Japanese as well because of all the helpful pictures!!

  5. In Estonian we say "viiner", which is exactly the same :)


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