The holidays

The holidays continue as do the preparations for the upcoming school year. The weather has turned and signs of spring are everywhere which makes these tasks very pleasurable. Last night I put the finishing touches on the bags I've been making for Biggie's friend.

You might recall that I took Biggie and Sara shopping a couple of weeks ago. She chose this gorgeous oxford cotton printed with turtles. Her mum was aghast that I'd let her choose white ... but it's just so fantastic. She also chose the rainbow cords and strapping.

I am especially pleased with the shoe bag. It's for carrying their indoor shoes home each Friday to be washed. The giant sized lesson bag is also great. Once every so often the kids are asked to bring a big bag to school to carry home art projects and stuff. The bags always seem too small so I've super-sized it.

The whole set includes a bag for the cutlery and cup as well as a lunch place mat, the shoe bag and a drawstring bag for their P.E gear. The large lesson bag is an optional extra. All the kids have them from kindergarten and use those but Sara was hoping for a new one.

The whole set

Shoe Bag


  1. Very nice. Are you going to do custom orders for kindy bags? I have all mine, but I ask because at least my school wanted some very different things regarding the bags, like the handle on the shoe bags regular tote bag kind of straps, not the strap and loop thing. They also wanted the clothing bags different from what is typical. Just something to think about if you haven't thought about custom orders maybe.

  2. Thanks!
    I probably won't do this type of bag set for a couple of reasons. One, I've realised I hate working to precise measurements - nothing ever comes out like it should.
    And second they are not very profitable. You can buy these bags ready-made dead cheap which is what all the mothers want, cheap stuff. I only charged the cost of materials for this set, afterall they are my friends but even so there are extra costs involved that are hard to factor in.
    I would do them again for friends :)
    It seems like every school has very different requirements. Everyone makes them to the directions at the start but by the end of the time at school the kids all have junk from the supermarket.

  3. True. Or they have Grannies that make them. I made the large lesson bag (or "all purpose bag" as I call it) to the size they said, but it was way too small, so I made a much bigger one. So far no one has had a breakdown over it, but I kept the smaller one, just in case.

    I really like making the kindy bags myself, but I think they ended up being much more expensive than if I just went and bought them as I added lots of little special touches that do push the cost up.

  4. The bags are gorgeous, I think she chose lovely fabric.

    I don't know why but I read Sherry's comment as saying
    " They have large Grannies who make them', so now I sit alone lmao and the kids think I am barmy.

    Do you have to take cutlery and a cup to school too?

  5. I think these look gorgeous! So colorful but still cute.I did n`t realize you need so many different bags for school. Biggie will not be short of these :)

  6. I've decided Biggie can use all the other bags he has left from kindergarten. I am not keen on making another whole set after the trouble I had with these ones (some of the measurements I had were off).

    I have a bit of fabric left if anyone is keen on something ;)

  7. LOVE the fabric. Very cute bag set.


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