Looks like I spoke too soon

Yep, the machine has died again. Sigh. Did I also tell you my washing machine is leaking? Sigh.

I'll be busying myself with cutting out, ironing and hand sewing while my machine goes in for a proper service. Later my husband is going to help me check the prices for a semi-industrial Juki sewing machine. If I can scrounge together the funds I'll buy one. I can't afford to have these hiccups and headaches!

The machine I have is a Toyota with quite a powerful engine. When it's going it goes well. I bought it just over four years ago for about $500. It's too soon for it to be giving up the ghost!

I've updated the shop with the Train Library Tote. This is a really cool kindergarten style bag but I've made it extra strong for toting library books. I found a range of gorgeous colored canvas at Aeon a few weeks ago which I was dying to use.

I have also popped in a Smiley Apple Tote similar to ones I made for Eva but without the buttons. I wanted to make Eva's bags a bit special that's why I got those nice buttons for her.

That's about it for today. I'm feeling a bit bummed about how the day has panned out so far.

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