Mid week

It's Wednesday so we're almost over the hump. I feel as though I have been very busy lately.

The sewing machine has been sent in for a service meanwhile I am scoping out a Juki semi-professional one. Online through Rakuten they are much cheaper. But we'll see.

I am seeking a source for packaging materials other than the 100 yen shop. My local office supplies shop proved disappointing yesterday in this regard.

I am also still looking into embroidered labels for Mee a Bee.

I haven't added the Sweet Treats craft packs to the shop yet because I can't decide how many of each thing to include and how much it will be. I'll do that later as well.

This afternoon we've been coerced into a playdate. I'm feeling a bit pressured to clean up the pigsty and perhaps whip up a batch of cookies. We'll see.

Lastly it's my mum's birthday today.

Happy Birthday Mum!


  1. I could embroider you some labels :)

  2. Thanks Eva, I might take you up on that offer.

  3. http://www.wovenlabelsdirect.com.au/ is the company I used for labels. They have an online business too, but I'm sure you will find a cheaper label company.


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