More trivia from the trenches

This always makes me laugh. Next door to us there is a large paddock, part of a working farm. The farmer wants to sell this particular plot as the access is poor. He hasn't planted anything in the two years that we've been here but he comes regularly to plow it. He always arrives right when I am teaching a lesson, hanging out white sheets, or getting into the paddling pool with my kids - all inopportune times! He came today which caused great excitement with Little Guy. We were having breakfast, that was OK. (That's my other neighbor's place in the background, a very strange house with several mismatched additions).


  1. My little T is also fascinated about tractors etc. His favorites (or should I say, his obsession) are motorcycles!:) I wonder will we have a motorcycle in our garage in future ? LOL!

  2. Hi Jacqui,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I aspire to handmake stuffs for sale on etsy too! Your bags are so so so.....lovely! I am crazy about buying fabrics now! I read some of your posts and would you maybe consider doing fabric swap? I am thinking of more oriental fabric if you are interested? I am most tempted to request over etsy for boy goodies through meeabee.
    Any suggestions that we might work through? thanks!

  3. Hi Chin
    Thanks for your lovely comments!
    Fabrics become an obsession for sure, I am crazy about the linen blends myself.
    Let me know what you want and I'll have a look for you. I'm not sure if I need any fabric from the US but I am sure I could think of something I do need.
    You can email me directly. My gmail address is listed on the left side. flapjacs(AT)...

  4. Eva, I think your T needs a construction car tote bag for when he starts daycare!


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