Our bald garden

Our bald garden (and our neighbor's house). Biggie said it looks a bit extreme. I think we'll save by not having to have it done next year! My mum always asks me what's wrong with our poor lawn. For some reason they planted grass that dies off in winter then slowly comes back in spring, any day now!


  1. What is the deal with that grass?Is it cheaper? I guess you are just lucky to have grass though. So many people just have dirt - by choice no less! LOL!

  2. No idea. And it wasn't cheap ... although I do recall that golf course standard was a lot more.
    It's like hay right now which keeps getting trampled inside, stuck in the kids hair and poking out of their fleece jackets.

  3. We have space but only concrete:( I couldn't believe it when my FIL had it all done. I guess the kids have a good place to ride their bikes!

    I wouldn't bet on saving on next year mind you. Just watch it grow!

    Make sure you keep the pic for comparison could be fun!

  4. Yes, it's good to have nice smooth concrete for the bikes. Our neighbors have rough gravel and the kids can't ride on it.

    We will TRY to keep the weeds under control at least.

  5. Well, you have a garden who actually has seasons! I think green grass in winter looks a bit awkward anyway :)

  6. Yes, Eva it is quite seasonally balanced. What we have is only about a quarter of the original garden even so it has bulbs in spring and flowers in summer, not too bare in winter. It's nice but a lot of upkeep.


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