Speaking of the 100 yen shop (Dollar shop) I dragged my kids in there yesterday afternoon. We found cute patterned packing tape, message cards, cellophane bags and stickers. Mee a Bee customers will really know their parcel has come from cute land when it arrives.

This is another thing to consider if you start your own business. I found Office Depot operates here but still the prices are a bit high and I haven't worked out the ordering system quite yet.


  1. I still "struggle" with my packaging. Trying not to spend too much and still give it a lovely, personal look. I love beautiful stationary, but this is also bit more expensive. But I could n`t go without it :) So I `m aware, I`m ripping myself off here:)

  2. Eva, I feel the same way. I probably spend way too much on packaging even buying things from the dollar shop but I want my things to be wonderful to open, just like yours!!!! It came today!!!! Thank you!!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.


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