Road Trip

I'm off on a small road trip today. Wish me luck as I am renowned for getting lost. I have detailed directions and all the contact numbers of the person I am meeting so I should be fine. I am taking my husband's car since I am picking up something large. There will be narrow streets ... OK wish me luck.

I worked late into the night finishing this bag. As usual I forgot to sew the "Mee a Bee" label in. I'll have to hand sew it later. This bag is lined with pink polka dots. It has a magnetic closure, two internal pockets and one large external pocket. It is interfaced and lightly padded. The outer fabric is cotton blended with linen.


  1. I can't believe you have done it already! It looks fantastic! I could not see it when you described it. Your skill to see something in the fabric is incredible.

    I saw some really gorgeous hedgehog fabric today and thought of you immediately. It was really sweet.

    I spent all day shopping for the things for DSs school that I didn't know he needed!! What a day but it is done and now all I need to do is sew and label. Phew!

  2. Thanks!! What a kind comment.

    Oh hedgehogs, well you know I am a big fan since Eva made one for me.

    Shopping - even my husband is in panic mode about Biggie's school gear. I refuse to get caught up in it. Enjoying the holidays as much as possible is my policy.


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