Say it ain't true

Oh no! I missed a day. I was so busy yesterday I didn't have time to post. I spent most of the day at the kindergarten dodgeball tournament. It was lots of fun but again a bit long in my opinion. At least it was outdoors in the lovely spring sun so Little Guy was able to play on the jungle gyms.

Have you been to Godiva? During the winter season only they have on offer the most divine hot chocolate. We managed to squeeze one of these in before we the game. So worth it!

In the afternoon the mothers were asked to participate in a game of dodgeball. Biggie was not surprised when I got out within 30 seconds of joining the game. Ball sports are not my forte.

Later I took Biggie and one of Biggie's little pals shopping for fabric. They both need a few new bags for school this year. It was wonderful shopping with a little girl. We bought pink tortoise fabric, pink and purple rainbow striped cording and pink buckles. Pink fantasy! I think I'll borrow her when I feel like having a girl's day out. Leave my brutes at home with their father.

Today we're looking forward to having a day at home.


  1. Gosh, I wish our school had a dodgeball day. There are a couple of mothers I would love to "accidently" smack upside the head, all in the spirit of good sport's fun, no? LOL!

  2. I understand you totally about having a little girl helping you by fabric shopping. I feel so alone with three men in our house (sometimes)...

  3. Hey Sherry I said to Biggie, one of those little buggers threw the ball at me and he said they're supposed to do that, it's DODGEBALL!
    Apparently if you get hit in the face or head you're safe! I was a bit worried that was going to happen to me.

    Eva, Boys are Fun ... most of the time.


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