Shoe Shopping

Shopping with children should be banned. I've just returned from the shops with the two pairs of shoes for the kids. Ten minutes ago I couldn't have told you what color, brand or size we got. Such was the nightmare of getting them to sit still and try them on.

The fun continues as Little Fella won't stay still to get his picture taken (see the space) , instead he wants to climb on top of the ironing board. Biggie wants to listen to High School Musical on the loudest volume setting.

Thankfully our dinner is made courtesy of the Crockpot and the rice cooker. However, Biggie has just informed me that Little Guy has eaten a piece of Lego. Sigh ...


  1. ordinary family day.... :)
    Luckily we have so vain boys - they love trying clothes on and boots/shoes and then they go and admire themselves in front of mirror:) I often think that my men are more feminine than I am! LOL!

  2. Mine is vain when it comes to styling his hair in front of the mirror for hours.

  3. Oh yes, shoe shopping with little ones. I took my son to buy Easter shoes, when the nice lady came to measure his feet he tossed a block at her. Thankfully no one was hurt.

  4. I have given up actually taking the kids if I am buying sneakers. I buy bring home try on and usually they are fine.

    Take them too? Forget it!
    That includes DD as she only wants the shiniest, sparkliest, pinkest, lights flashing pair. I object to walking around with a child in those!!:)

  5. Buying shoes is a nightmare. I sent my parents out with Joey at the weekend to get him some for my bro's wedding. Nobody was hurt but it was a major mission apparently!! I am glad I missed out!

  6. Yes and Yes. It's so much fun being a mum!

    Off to check out your apron blog dee light.

    It's a nightmare right?

  7. My daughter is a dream when it comes to shopping, for HERSELF I should point out. The Boy, however, it takes hours of blood, sweat and tears just to wrestle him out of his pajamas and into proper clothing in the morning and then to reverse the process in the evening. Shopping? Trying on things? Oh, Blooming, you are a braver woman than I.

  8. Oh Sherry, thanks for the laugh, shall we talk about brushing their teeth next?


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