Tears at the table

We're heading into our last week of kindergarten. It's finally hit Biggie that he won't be seeing most of his friends as they all head off to different schools. There were tears. He's written them some notes to let them know our email address, maybe there'll be some half-hearted attempts to meet up until they all settle in to their respective classes.

I must admit even I feel a little bit sad about it too.


  1. Endings are always a bit sad. Must keep in mind that ending means beginning at the same time too :)

  2. Poor Biggie. He'll make new friends quickly and be just fine.

    This is one reason I am glad I decided on a kindergarten near my house and the elementary school DD will go to. The majority of her friends will go into first grade with her so hopefully there won't be too many tears about it.

  3. Yes and yes. We'll get through OK.

    He's got no shortage of girlfriends going into the new school but we're uncertain about which boys are going.

    Our kindergarten seems to be pretty popular, one family drives 45 minutes to get there. The kids live all over therefore they'll go to lots of different schools.

    Sherry your DD will probably have a favourite teacher she won't want to part from but you'll be glad to see the back of them!

  4. Funny you should say that, I can't stand her favorite teacher this year. She isn't the class teacher. She is a "minna no sensei." She is leaving the school at the end of the year next week but DD hasn't been upset about it. She is too excited to be moving up a grade and getting to go upstairs now I think.

  5. Sherry, why am I not surprised that you have a teacher that you don't like!

    Will DD be in her final year already??? Time flies doesn't it?.

  6. LOL! Me? Not like someone? Surely you jest?!

    No, she will be moving up to the the middle year. Her kindy is a three year one.

  7. Sherry: Oh I thought that, then I lost track of how many years she's been there. Your little fella will be starting just as she heads out will he?

    I think I'll be heading back in for more kindergarten torture in 2011, skip the first year. There are 20 openings for middle year starters, first come first served. There are 100 in the first year which is done by lottery. Joy of joys.

  8. Yep, she will be graduating and moving on to elementary school the same month he enters kindy. 6 straight years of it. Our school does a lottery too if there are too many applications for spaces. Hopefully the year he enters there won't be a problem with too many kids, but I think our school gives priority to kids who have had an older sibling there - I hope anyway. Also, I am planning to get him into a program they do once a week for the year before they start the nensho class. I know they give priority to siblings for that and hopefully it will give him a guaranteed in 'cause I can't deal with the stress of the application process again, yk?

    Sorry to babble on about it. LOL!

  9. Babble all you like Sherry I love these conversations with you.
    SIX years sigh. exhausting just thinking about it.
    Our kindy sent a form out for those who would be signing up for next year but it won't apply to us since we'll have a gap.


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