Thanks Mrs. M

When I was starting this blog one of the things I considered doing was making cards (remember the month of Adobe Illustrator?). I even had a second blog where I was collating things to do with correspondence. That didn't work out and I am so pleased because Mee a Bee seems like such a good fit.

Today I was really excited to open my mailbox to a ton of letters that must have arrived late last night. Mrs. M, my best friend, sent me a lovely long letter decorated with stickers depicting New Zealand scenes. Hi Mrs. M, thanks for the letter! I can't promise one in return. I'm terrible at correspondence these days. In fact I have not even thanked Mrs. M for the birthday presents she sent me (thank you! , sorry!)

Mrs. M is working on a new business venture too. How great are we gals? I'll let you know when it's up and running. You're going to love it.

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