There's not a lot happening

Biggie had the best time at soccer trials last night. It wasn't trials actually it was a trial to see if he'd like to join the club. He got in late but was elated so I am considering it seriously. Up until now he's been doing gymnastics at kindergarten. He enjoyed that a lot. It really boosted his confidence in his physical abilities as well as his social skills.

Tomorrow he's going to a fun day at the local swimming club. These open days are put on during the holidays with a view to getting more kids to sign up for lessons. I think to be able to swim is a life skill so I do want my kids to learn.

Apart from that I have nothing to report. It feels like it's going to be a lazy day. Although I did commit to going shoe shopping later this afternoon. We may put it off because of the weather though.

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  1. I love swimming! We had it as obligatory course at school. It`s strange to see that someone can`t swim. For me, it`s essential skill. I feel myself secure (while traveling by boat or ferry at least) :)


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