Will the Easter Bunny Come?

I'm here by myself this weekend, with Little Guy of course. It's funny when I have time to myself I drift aimlessly around the house. I seem to function best under pressure. I've actually spent the whole evening watching TV, with only half an eye on my sewing.

Now it's just dawned on me that the Easter Bunny should be bounding in tonight but I have no idea what he's going to hide. Biggie will be disappointed so I guess I'll have to rustle something up in the morning before he gets back.

What's on the box? American Idol, tuning in for only the second time this season, shock, horror. Brothers & Sisters, Rob Lowe, need I say more?. Grey's Anatomy, I am the only person from the western world who has never seen an episode of this, so lucky really as I am getting to enjoy it from the very start. CSI, all of them NY, Miami and Vegas. Re-runs, new series, doesn't matter. Cold Case, does anyone know why I cannot get my messy pony tails to look like that?

OK, commercials are over!

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