Afternoon Accomplishments

Little Guy woke up just as the lesson was finishing which was just as well since we had lots of chores for this afternoon.

First on the list was lunch. We'd run out of bread so we drove to 7-11 and ate lovely fresh bread straight from the packet in the car. It was going well until Little Guy squirted his grape juice everywhere.

Next stop was the post office. I got all my packages sent off and re-stocked with customs declarations. It's very handy having those at home to save time once we get to the post office.

Our final destination involved lots of shopping at the mall. I decided to get Biggie some more sneakers since the ones we got last week already look beaten up from digging in the garden and tearing around on his bike. Everything is on special at the moment for "back to school". We also had the advantage of already knowing which ones fit and which didn't. It was relatively painless today.

I have a few sewing projects on the go, orders and what not. But first I'll have to rummage around in the fridge for some dinner. The washing never made it onto the line, it started to cloud over, so that's my first chore for tomorrow.

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