Today I am still thinking about what I will bake for Friday's inaugural event. Biggie suggested biscuits. I am thinking afghans ... or maybe a Lemon Madeira cake or maybe both.

Our morning has started well. I've sent Biggie off to school singing Kylie. Little Guy is fairly cheerful but since he woke up really early it may not last.

The sun is shining ...


  1. Hi Blooming
    I am a regular reader of your exploits on this blog - sounds like you are so busy and creative!! Makes me marvel about your energy. Hope your day today is better than yesterday...
    Love Cathy

  2. CATHY!!! thanks, I'm off to see what Elle is up to.

  3. We must catch up properly!! Yes, our wee E is gorgeous and looks just fab in the lovely Muji clothes you sent. Sigh... miss Muji!
    Can't belive your big boy is off to school. He looks so grown up these days.


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