Biggie's Lunch

Today my little ray of sunshine went on a field trip to the local zoo. I had to get up at 6 o'clock to cook his lunch. A sandwich and a yogurt pot doesn't cut it. I cooked little sausages (yes, wieners Eva!), tamago yaki which is the rolled egg omelet you get on top of sushi, rice balls and sliced cucumbers. This lunch is very basic in comparison to what the other mothers prepare but he said it was delicious.


  1. This looks great. I am really impressed. I am glad I don't have a blog on which to post my DS lunch.

  2. You mean that people in the blogging world wouldn't care what Biggie or DS has for lunch??? or that your lunches are not up to par??? LOL I'm kidding!

    I thought my international readers might get a kick out of seeing a Japanese-style bento from here in the trenches.

  3. Meaning I don't want my meagre effort up for perusal of course!

    The mother child kindergarten excursion the other day was bad enough with everyone peering over our shoulders!

  4. do people eat their bento cold? that's my problem right now, figuring out where to get a bento box that keeps the food warm.


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