No, not of the nervous variety, although I have been close at times! I'm talking about all the things that have broken down recently in our home. Our washing machine has been leaking for a while. Actually my husband managed to fix that, kind of ...
Thursday I tried to put on a video. Looks like DVDs in the VCR are not a good mix.
On Friday it was our hot water control panel. Turns out Little Guy may have pulled out a wire ... that's not fixed.
Yesterday I woke up to find my car missing and my husbands car in it's place. It'll have to be towed away today.
What will be next?


  1. Haven't you made a bag yet today?;)

  2. Good Grief! I suppose the only comfort is that you don't have to drive Biggie to kindy!

    Take care and I have fingers crossed that your sewing machine stays well and that you can have a hot shower tomorrow!

  3. Smartypants missbehaving!

    Yes KMC I don't have to drive that's why I let Mr.Mee a Bee take my car again today. His has been towed, don't know what's wrong and when it will be back.

    With the hot water fortunately we have been able to over-ride the control panel and we have hot water restored to the kitchen and bathroom. It may take a while before we get around to fixing it.

    Little Guy has broken down, he's got a temperature and the thermometer still seems to have a flat battery ...

  4. Oh no, poor little guy, better keep fingers crossed that Blooming doesn't have a dry period.

    Take care

  5. Hope Little Guy is better soon. If he is anything like my Little Guy...I'll pray for you!

  6. Thanks Sherry, he seems to be doing OK. Drinking lots and managing a little food. He's asleep now, all good signs. It's just a cold. Thank you.


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