Day II

Day two of school, rain. Biggie's friend's mum walked with them to carry all their gear since they were both weighed down with umbrellas and their large backpacks. Come 8.20 (school starts) and the sun is coming out! Murphy's Law?

Slightly concerned that none of the kids are wearing raincoats. Too cool for school?


  1. None of the elementary kids in my neighborhood wear raincoats either. Only a few wear rain boots. Maybe it is one of those mysterious Japanese school things that makes no sense unless you have Japanese DNA - must gaman without a raincoat or something. LOL!

  2. we wear raincoats and boots too.

    in fact... I too have big old barn boots I wear in the rain, and have been known to wear a cowboy hat with my austrailian DRYASABONE raincoat.

    the kids wear rain gear too.

  3. I have some wonderful old gum boots that we use in the garden. I wear them around home and as far as the end of the driveway.

    I also have a raincoat.

    Jan you crack me up.

    Biggie has some really cool rain boots that I got from COOP last week. He seemed quite happy to go off in them. They're black so they don't stand out.

    My father always said "No Brain, No Pain" when he saw kids walking to school without coats or even umbrellas. I guess that was instilled in me.


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