For my mum

Mum asked me to sew her a bag to keep all the grocery bags in. A grocery bag dispenser. She's a big fan of Cath Kidston so I knew the perfect fabric to get for her. It's not Cath Kidston but I think that's the source of inspiration. Anyone else want one while I'm at it? What do you think Mum?


  1. I think mum will really like that. The material is really nice. Mum has been doing alot of craft herself. She made baby a new pink cardigan, matching pink and beige slippers, a mint & white spots fleece sleep sack and a bib and hat from the left over material. Today she bought some more wool, it's a nice blue with flecks and a mauve with flecks.

  2. i love it i thought something was wrong when your text said blooming blog. sal was just coming to get me she spies out your site all the time. yes the material is gorgeous and it looks very professional isn't that amazing good on you. hope school went well yesterday.we finish daylight saving tonight.mum

  3. Wow, that sounds lovely Sally. It's little wonder I am crafty when we have mum whipping up stuff left right and centre. Baby is soooo cute, her pictures came yesterday, thanks! I have her on my fridge doing tummy time.

  4. I'm glad you love it mum.

    Isn't it fun having baby to knit for - a girl! pink! mauve!

  5. What a great idea. I bet your mum will be really pleased.


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