Fun at the seaside

A new design! I saw a bag like this the other day then while I was in the shower on Sunday (TMI?) I came up with this design. More importantly I worked out how to line the bag to make it completely reversible.

I used my nautical craft pack for this. I added some red rope for the handles as well as some cut out pieces of felt to make the label and button 'pop'. I have one more Nautical Craft Pack in stock. I have reduced the price since it's the last one. So hurry!

See my new Mee a Bee label? I love this one so much since I love red. I think I like "the inside" best with the blue and white stripes. But then I also love the anchor button.


  1. Great bag! I love nautical style (although I can`t wear stripes or anything with golden buttons...)!
    I`d love to go to beach and have a day for myself !

  2. I don't wear gold either, my rings are platinum. And stripes ... I'm already quite a wide load so ...


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