Good morning

Little Guy and I are spending some quality time together today. Biggie has gone into the office with his dad. He might catch a movie with his auntie later.

Mainly he has gone to have his eyes checked. About two years ago I was shocked to learn that he needed glasses. It shouldn't have been a surprise since his dad wears contacts but I have perfect eyesight.

Everybody says Biggie looks intelligent. He is very smart (mummy-bias) but why do we associate glasses with intelligence? Either that or Harry Potter.


  1. Oooh, I'm very interested in hearing more about how you knew he needed glasses. Both my husband and I wear glasses/contacts but out of the four grandparents only one did so I'm not sure if that ups my kids chances of not needing glasses or not. As I'm sure you know, all 1st graders are administered eye exams before they start school. Emi's was perfect but Misaki's was the second level (I don't remember the numbers). The thing is I was at Misaki's exam and it was hard to tell if she was just being shy or if she really couldn't see. Grrr! I've been debating whether I should take them to an eye doctor or not.

    Anyways, just curious!

  2. Hi Sarah

    He had his eyes tested at kindergarten, thank god, because up until then we didn't know. He had mentioned his funny eye but because he was only four it was hard to understand what he was saying, he couldn't explain what the problem was.

    Anyway one eye tested as 'A' and the other 'D'. In fact he was not far off from having a lazy eye that permanently could not see.

    Frightening and we felt like the world's worst parents for not picking it up sooner.

    Thankfully he has managed to restore sight by eye training (he wears an eye patch everyday for several hours). He will probably always need glasses but at least his sight is better. I still feel bad because I wonder if we had done something sooner if he would not have needed glasses forever. My husband says not but I wonder.

    So, long story short, yes get their eyes tested!


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