Happy Sunday

Today I have feigned illness and sent my kids off to the cherry blossom picnic without me. It's bad I know but I have so much to do at home. Biggie is out and about quite often with his father but I rarely have a day without Little Guy.

I've finished another plastic bag dispenser that's been ordered and am about to start work on some messenger bags for kids that I have been working on since last weekend. I drop everything when I get an order then sew my own creations in the lull. This week there have been quite a few things to keep me occupied.

Last night I watched American Idol whilst labeling the thousands of stationery items Biggie was given at school on Friday. We have so much to do. I am trying not to feel a sense of impending doom about it all but there's one thing I don't even know what it's for. It's some kind of magnetic block thing, I guess for maths. Academically I know Biggie will excel. He knows most of the stuff in the textbooks as far as I can tell. I am slightly worried about the stuff where I will need to be involved, notices and PTA meetings, etc.

Right back to work.


  1. You know, you could always do what one of my other friends does, throw it all in the trash and not go to anything at all except stuff where she can watch her kids doing something. Seems to be a really good system.

    I am sure you will be fine. You got through the kindy stuff; you'll get through this. It's not like Japanese moms know what is going on and always do the right thing. And they have no excuse, they are fluent in the language.

  2. That friend sounds very wise.

    One of my friends put the fear of god into me when she said our place would be a magnet for stray kids.

    We are on the road where the school is (about a quarter of the kids might walk right past here) and we have a large yard.

    She warned me not to let kids over to play unless I vet them and their parents.

    She said it's PUBLIC school now not delightful private kindergarten so you cannot be assured that the cream of the crop will befriend your kid.

    Kind of got me worried that I'll constantly have kids around.

  3. Like Sherry says, if you can get through Kindy, you can get through this.
    From what I have heard I think the worst thing that can happen is they throw your kid out of school with a sign on his back saying " My Mum's an Idiot'
    You can pay penance by parading across the school stage naked with just a dunce cap on, so JUST DON'T WORRY.

    Sure hope this helps;)
    your friend

  4. That will most certainly help Muriel. Shall I help the school out by sewing a dunce cap in advance?

  5. My friend has used this approach for two years now and no dunce cap or naked stage dancing for her yet either.

    I am not joking. She really does throw everything away. I am not even sure if she bothers to look at it. She's been assigned as the leader of something several times and has never shown up to do it ever. If she can get away with it, I am sure any tiny misunderstanding you might have will not be a big deal.

    Muriel knows her. She can ask her and back me up about it.

    I wouldn't worry about his friends. He is a good kid and will find other good kids to be friends with. I wouldn't let them take over my house and yard though.

  6. Considering Biggies intelligence level and the lovely friends he has now. I am sure he will select his friends with prudence. Also, he is so self possessed that getting left out would not bother him too much. (Can't see it happening though:)). Take it as it comes and just let it flow over you. If there are some problems I am sure someone will let you know.

    Says she who has just been informed of several things I hadn't realized and I can read the notices!!! Gulp

  7. Sherry I'm pretty sure I know that person too. I think she has an excellent approach.

    My husband is nonplussed about it all so I will be too.


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