The new season of Lost is starting on television soon. I haven't watched it before so I won't be tuning in. I just never got into it. I really like that guy from Party of Five though (Jack?).

This post is about lost items being found. Two weeks ago I made a special trip to the store to get Biggie some new chopsticks for school. That same day they went missing, last seen in Little Guy's clutches. I searched high and low but couldn't find them.

A few days ago I found one but not the other. Then EUREKA last night I found the lost chopstick in my sewing drawer. Looks like Little Guy was attempting to tidy up since there is a drawer full of old lunch boxes, plastic cups and lunch paraphernalia below it.

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  1. I really enjoyed the first season of Lost, but then my Little Guy was born right as they started showing season two. I tried to watch it, but, you know, just couldn't manage it. Now I am so far behind I don't care anymore. It moves so very slowly sometimes that it did get a little irritating too.


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