Major headache

Biggie has returned from his weekend away. Apparently his behavior was atrocious. I have been informed that he is no longer welcome at his grandparent's place. At least now his father has an idea about what I have been trying to tell him for months.

I am working on a bag that is proving to be much harder than I thought it would be.

Little Guy has broken the VCR once and for all. In shaking out the two DVDs he had stuffed in there this morning a plastic component fell out. So that's that.

I feel a major headache coming on.

How's your Sunday going?


  1. Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend! I'll send a recovery pack soon.

  2. Thanks, I think a few stiff drinks should do the trick :)

  3. I am always shocked by the way my otherwise normally behaved kids start acting when they get around their grandparents. But I'm also shocked at the fact that their grandparents just ignore it and go on like nothing happened. I can only do so much to fix that problem. If my husbands parents don't set some boundaries then any kid is going to walk all over them. I find that this is not so much of a problem when my kids are with my parents. Maybe I'm just prejudiced.

    Anyways, what I'm saying is that maybe it wasn't so much Biggie as much as it was his environment. Maybe? Or maybe not?

    But I totally understand about the headache thing...

  4. Hi- thank you for you comment on my blog- its great to see new faces! It must be neat living in Japan- I love all things Japanese!


  5. Yes Sarah, it's a bit like that with us too. Mainly I think they tend to forget that he gets very tired, being only six and a new first grader plus with the commute it means he had to be up at 6 am that day.

  6. I find that my PIL forget the limits of small kids. My MIL just doesn't seem to understand that when they are tired they are tired. They can't just "gaman." When they are hungry they need to eat right then, especially the little one. They can't "gaman" with that either. Somedays I wonder if she just doesn't remember what her own kids were really like (to hear her tell it they were perfect because SHE was PERFECT!) or if she is just totally stupid.

    Anyway, I am shocked to hear this because, although I haven't met him, Biggie never seemed like the kind of kid who would end up getting banned from some place due to bad behavior. There has to be more to the situation than just him, yk?

  7. Poor biggie, he must have been rather stressed out and not really in the mood for a visit to the big smoke.

    After his first full week of school and all the other things going on who can blame him.

    My two treat their JGP with extreme distain at times. Never allowed by AGP.

  8. Oh man! Sounds hard, I wish I could empathize but you know what perfect little twiglets mine are ;)

    When you need him to go to the Outlaws next time, simply drop him off , speed away and turn off your cellphone.
    You can actually stop the car to let him out , but I find just slowing down a bit is enough, don't want them getting soft.

  9. Hey, Missbehaving, isn't that why all the new minivans have automatic sliding doors you can open by remote now, so you don't have to stop? Just slow down, hit the door switch, give them a good kick, then hit the switch again and away you go.

    That's exactly why we bought one with doors that open by remote control anyway. Mine tend to stubbornly hang on to their car seats though. Know where I can get a stun gun by any chance?

  10. Gosh, it's lucky none of us are posting under our real names here otherwise someone might call Child Protective Services on us! LOL

    Seems like Biggie's granny has amnesia about it as he rang to apologize and she was like "What for?". I have a feeling my HUSBAND was the one who was fed up. That may have had something to do with the excessive amount of beer he drank whilst visiting. They had some cause for celebration.

    Anyway, all's forgotten.


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