I try not to post too much about my kids, honestly! As much as I hate to admit it though being a mother does define me. I've been a mother for exactly half the time I have lived in Japan (twelve years this month, woohoo).

So tonight I feel like telling you about my day. As you know it started early. For those of you who don't know, my husband works six days a week so I'm on duty on Saturdays as well. He normally gets home at about 8 o clock on a Saturday, slightly earlier than usual since he drives home for the "weekend" (as opposed to commuting by train).

Biggie and I have spent the past hour waiting for Dad only to finally remember that he mentioned something about getting a haircut this evening. Drat! and I made his dinner. So he's still not back.

The day has been long but it was punctured by some laughs. This one falls under the category of Mother Knows Best. Biggie was standing on one of the dining room chairs ... I think you know how this will end. Golf ball-sized lump slap bang in the middle of his forehead, ouch! I swear by Arnica. I couldn't help laughing once we had recovered.

Second disaster of the evening involves the case of the missing nappy (diaper). Biggie searched high and low for one he'd laid out for Little Guy, it was nowhere to be seen. I found it an hour later. In the washing machine in a million squishy slimy pieces all over a dark load. What is that stuff in there anyway, the absorbent crystals? So much for getting a head start on tomorrow's laundry. (I cloth diapered when Little Guy was a newborn until his skin rash was diagnosed as eczema).

The third disaster is about to be avoided. We rented High School Musical 2 yesterday, I'm proud to admit, no, I won't be ashamed, we love it. It's due back at the store by 10pm tonight so as soon as the guy arrives home I'll scoot down and return it. Disaster averted. Thanks for reminding me!


  1. I want to see the second one, but haven't managed it yet. Stand tall and proud and don't let The Evil One sway you to The Dark Side. Taylor Hicks lives there.

  2. I think the evil one has moved on, I haven't heard mention of Mr. Hicks for a while now.

    HSM2 is great, it features Ryan and Sharpay a lot more so Biggie was pleased. We think we might get the CD.


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