My big boy

Yesterday Biggie received his first homework from school. He's just started in the first grade. It was a worksheet of one Japanese alphabet letter. Since he was out of the house from before eight until almost five he was absolutely exhausted. I was so proud when I saw him sitting at his desk resolutely finishing his page before he went to sleep. He's been up since six this morning and is as happy as Larry. I'm so pleased.


  1. That's a long day for a first grader. Hope he continues to enjoy it.

  2. Misaki came home with her first homework yesterday, too. She was so excited! I wish I could've captured the look on her face when she said it so I can remind her when she's older that at one point in time she was very excited about homework. I know it's going to wear off. Sigh...

  3. He actually came home for twenty minutes between school and calligraphy but yes it was a long day. That's why I was so pleased when he woke up in such a great mood.

  4. And twelve hours later it's Jekyll and Hyde.


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