My camera

I am having the most frustrating morning. You don't hear that from me very often, do you?

It's my camera. It's less than two years old but has been really temperamental since I got it. The problem is the battery connection. It thinks it is out of battery power even if I put brand new batteries in. When it is working it runs out of power very quickly. I'm so sick of it I think I will go and buy a new one today. Any recommendations?

Stupid thing, it's given me a massive headache and caused no end of trouble for me today. I absolutely have to have a good camera for my shop.


  1. I have a Panasonic Lumix that I really like. I can'T remember the specific model. It is a couple of years old so I am sure there are newer ones. What I like the most about it is there is no time delay between when you push the button and when the camera takes the picture like happens with some digital cameras. They are getting better everyday so that might not be a problem anymore.

  2. I found a great website with recommendations and explanations. I bought one from Amazon last night.

    The one I am getting should be good for still objects taken in poor light.

    The website said if you need to take photos of moving things such as monkey-like kids then you need SLR. My old camera did not have that I think.

    All mumbo-jumbo to me I just hope this new one is worth the money.

  3. Don't you just love Amazon. Mother's best helper I call it. It makes shopping for stuff so much easier. My vacuum was involved in a fatal head on collision last week. I was able to replace it within 48 hours without having to drag anyone through stores and no one ended up in tears.

  4. Yes Amazon is sooo great. So easy. I used one-click to get the camera which I had put in my wish list earlier in the day (mulled it over for a couple of hours)

    Click through my site if you remember next time, link on the left, I may get a tiny kick back in a few years time (it's 0.0000000 something of a percent).

    No tears shopping is so the way to go these days.


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