One last (hopefully) bit of sewing

The cloth, basically a folded dish cloth, stitched closed.

This afternoon I quickly sewed up this cloth for Biggie to take to school tomorrow. It still seems a bit unbelievable to me but the children are expected to clean the school themselves, even the toilets. I guess it teaches pride in the school. Biggie has always loved cleaning since we did a lot of Montessori-style at home schooling when he was younger.

I'm sure this cloth is not quite right but I think it will do until otherwise notified. My husband will be home soon and I am praying he hasn't forgotten the forms we need to hand in tomorrow. We're almost all set. Sara will be here at 7.50am. She and Biggie will be walking together.


  1. Hi

    So sorry to hear of your 'breakdowns' and to hear that Biggie is unwell, just when he is to start school. Take care, will write later.

  2. Hi Flitwych!! Thanks so much, I am so thrilled you can comment now.

    Luckily it's my other little one that's under the weather. Biggie is rearing to go! Thanks!

  3. Hi

    Sorry little one, hope you feel better soon. Good luck for school Biggie.
    Take care.


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