This is another of my favorite past-times - organizing. It mostly seems futile as I never seem to make any headway. However I feel pleased with today's efforts.

I bought a book the other day about children's rooms. It suggested dedicating the kitchen island cupboards to the children's toys. These cupboards open to the dining room side and until this morning were locked (filled with plates I don't use much). Now little guy has his own pared down set of toys. It should be easier for him to find something to play with than the old system of huge bins of Lego, cars and trains. I have a six year old don't forget - six years of collecting toys means we have way more than these little containers can hold.

Little Guy is wearing his gardening clothes (planted out some herbs this morning too) and I see he's got threads stuck on his legs. Goes with the territory.


  1. Looks nice. It would last about 46 seconds at our house with my Little Guy.

  2. Yes ... well ... Biggie was inspired to drag out all the baby toys and leave them strewn all over the floor ... but now that it's considerably less stuff it's "relatively" easy to clean up. I can only try ;)


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