The preparations continue

Biggie spent a couple of hours at his friend's place this afternoon. According to the mother he expressed some concern over the lack of bags for himself. He of little faith!

Tomorrow he'll just need to take these indoor shoes. We went to the shops to buy them this morning. In the twenty minutes that he and Little Guy have been playing outside I have completed a bag for them. (I've finally mastered the pattern).

Now he says he's gone off the material that he chose. Grrr. Luckily the bag is reversible. It secures with a loop (pass the strap through the loop).


  1. Cute bag, but...ummm...are those shoes 18.5? For your 6 year old?

    My 22 month son is in a 15 and my 4year old daughter is already in a 19!!!

    If they grow into those feet they will be 7 feet tall!

  2. Yes it's recently come to my attention that he has small feet. I did get 19 for sneakers bu they are too big.
    He might not be going to be very tall???

  3. Mine have huge feet so we balance out the universe. LOL!

    When they were born the nurses went on and on about their big feet (and their "high" noses!!). I had to cut all the feet off their sleepers from the US. I would be thankful for his little feet if I were you. Can you imagine the problems I am going to have getting large shoes for mine? SIGH! Don't want to expand into that business, do you?

  4. Sherry do you have bionic vision, how can you read 19.5???

    I think I read in my 'Mental Health
    Newsletters' that small feet is often a sign of multiple polarities;)

  5. I meant 18.5, must take my meds.

  6. Muriel! do you think my son may have a hereditary infliction?

    Pssst. If you click on the pictures they get bigger.

  7. Sherry, the white shoes came in sizes up to 27cm, they fit me! and I have big feet. I think you'll be OK.

    For the sneakers, most of the boys school sneakers started at size 19 or 20. Biggie almost got stuck with Winnie the Pooh shoes from the little kids section.

  8. LOL! My daughter was crying about the fact that all the cute character shoes for girls stop at around 18. She wanted some "cuuuuutttee" ones. Luckily we found one pair of Pretty Cure 5 (or whatever they are called) shoes in a 19 after searching every store in the mall. I hate that show, but I couldn't stand to break her heart as this will be the last "cute" pair ever I am sure.

    It is always something, isn't it?

    I am not worried about the white unisex indoor shoes. I am worried about regular shoes.

    Muriel, every HSM fan has bionic vision. Sheesh. Didn't you know that? LOL!

  9. Despite your best efforts she is Japanese.


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