Roar Roar Dinosaurs

The shop has been updated. I've finally finished the dinosaur messenger bags I've been working on. I have three more almost ready to go, I'm allowing my customers to specify the strap length dependent on the age of the child. This one is complete, it's for a one to two year old.


  1. FAAANTASTIC! I loved this material when you showed me and this is great!

    PS Showed my bag to a few friends this week they loved it. A few will be looking in soon I expect.

    I LOVE my bag it holds heaps but keeps its shape so it doesn't have unsightly bulges. (Pity about its owner really!). I have had lots in and just a few things it works well either way. THANK YOU again

  2. Thanks! it's worked out well hasn't it!

    Glad to hear your bag is already in use.


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