Sleep In Schmeep In

Just call me delusional. I was under the mistaken impression that both of my kids knew it was Saturday today. I must have forgotten to tell them since they both woke up at 6.30 am. The little one didn't cry he just stood in his cot calling Dada Dada Dada in his loudest voice. Yes, he still calls me Dada.

In any case I had to be up early-ish as the man is coming to check our septic tank. Doesn't that sound like a fun job? Actually it's all high-tech with underground pumps and water inlets from all over the garden. Everything biodegrades quickly so it doesn't need to be emptied. It's like a mini sewerage plant in our front yard, quite amazing really. It does not smell one tiny bit, truly.


  1. i did not even know that there were septic tanks in japan.

    very very interesting.

    i still am surptised when they tear down a house and the land under the house is flat (no basement, no sewer system) just a flat hunk of land.

  2. Never fails does it!

    Over spring break we could sleep as late as we wanted, but one or the other was always awake at the crack of dawn. School starts back and guess what?! I have to drag them out of bed kicking and screaming at the very last minute.

  3. Yes, Sherry I've had to wake Biggie everyday for school yet today he's opening my door at 6.45am. I gave him a little lecture - I think I used the words "Not acceptable" I'm a wicked witch when I have to get up early.

    Really Jan, there aren't any near you? We must be living in the "country". The "poo truck" is hard to miss when you drive past it around here (the stink).

    We also do not have gas mains, we're using tanks. Across the road they are on the main supply though.


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