Spring Cleaning

Biggie has gone to school, Little Guy is doing OK (just a cold). It leaves me in the mood for spring cleaning. Last night I tidied up part of my material drawer. I am planning some items for the beautiful oxford cloth fabrics I have.

Biggie will be home in three hours. I asked him if he thought I would cry when he left. He said No, because "You've gotten used to it now, from kindy". He's very insightful, and absolutely right. No tears today!


  1. Hope his first real school day went well. Glad to hear Little Guy isn't seriously ill.

  2. Thanks it went well. Mixed reports - initially he said it was good then he said it wasn't very good now he's back to it was good.

    He wasn't happy that they didn't seem to do much. He's rearing to go. Can't wait for some homework and he is keen to work on times tables.

  3. I'll have to take a photo/photos of my fabric so you can see what I have. The stack gets bigger every week. I love seeing other people's fabric all stacked up, very inspiring.

  4. It looks a bit miserable really. I have bought some new stuff today, just a couple of things ...


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