My first Chatty Cafe session was a great success (I think). The four lovely women have just left after staying for two hours!. They managed to speak English the whole time which was fantastic.

Two of the other ladies were wearing clothes they had made themselves. Crafty and clever!

We had a really fun time with lots of laughing.

I made a Lemon Cake from this book by Donna Hay (thanks Cathy & JP). It was delicious: moist and dense due to sour cream with a lovely lemony flavor.

The coffee maker was popular and I felt so professional whipping them up. It's so fast and easy, perfect when the hostess needs to get back into the action. They had two coffees each. Next time they won't stay as long so one coffee per person will be the norm I expect (otherwise they'll be drinking and eating all the profits).

My Little Guy was very well behaved - he slept through most of it :)


  1. This looks good, how did you organise this?

  2. Thanks Robbo!
    It was easy to organise. It's been an idea I've had for a while. I ordered some promo postcards from Vista Print and gave a couple to my friends, kindergarten mothers. They have done all the legwork by telling others about it! So far I have only told one person myself and yet I already have about 9 people interested in coming! We have another session booked in for next month, 3 people are signed up already.
    I guess I have a captive audience.

  3. Glad to hear it went so well, but I never doubted it would.


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