There's not only coffee

I just love this picture. Little Guy got a new drink bottle. It's a SIGG, it came via SIGG drink bottles are amazing. They are made in Switzerland. Technical stuff aside my #1 reason for buying them is the taste. No plastic-tasting water.
Biggie got Sponge Bob on his new one.


  1. thanks so much for sharing :) just the info i've been looking for all week! my little one refuses to drink from plastic sippy cups!

  2. SIGG is very popular here too:)
    Love this one you got for Little T :)
    My Little T is drinking out of normal cup now. Actually, he likes fine china tea cup :)

  3. My Little T also loves fine china, glass and other breakables but he loves to hurl them across the room. We have had quite a few things break. He's even scratched this new drink bottle by throwing it on the concrete outside. I can't always get to him before the toss! I hope he grows out of this phase soon. :)


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