Troubled Teens

I've just sent off a huge order of this cute cupcake fabric to Louisiana. It's going to be used to make some sort of gift for troubled teens in a youth program. I thought it sounded like a worthy cause so I was glad to be able to help. Silly me I bought the wrong color first off so had to return to the store again today. I think I have it right now.

It gets me thinking about my own children. Will they be alright? The kiwi in me says Yeah, she'll be right, mate! At the moment they are playing outside. The little one is wearing a pair of firemen gumboots about three sizes too big and a t shirt that says I love my Nana. Biggie is wearing his school shorts, his singlet (tank top/undershirt) and a pair of wet sneakers that I just washed. Neither of them has a care in the world except maybe "Where is mummy?".

My camera has really given up the ghost. It won't even switch on now and yet it is hot. I hope it's not radioactive.


  1. With parents like your two have I think that you need have no deep fears for them.

    How much better could they get?:)


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