I have ants at my place. Millions of them, they are such a frustration. We need that friendly exterminator to come back and help us. Interesting how I find this ant fabric so cute when ants really are the bane of my life.


  1. jan in nagasaki3 May 2008 at 3:48 PM

    at the store, they sell packets of ant stuff. It has two green boxes which you put poison (included) into. The ants come and get it and bring it home to their families, they eat it and then they all die. It's sad and tragic but cleans your house/kitchen of ants.

  2. Yes, I think we have some of that. I'm worried my baby might carry some inside and we'll all die. That would be tragic and sad. For now I put up with them.

    I destroyed a small wasp cocoon today. I'm very worried now that wasp may have it in for me.

    It's like living in the wilderness here.

  3. jan in nagasaki4 May 2008 at 4:47 PM

    we live very close to nature here in Japan.

    just put that green thing right in your kitchen (if that's where the ants are) they will form a direct line to that and then a direct line home... just keep the little one away for a few hours.

    are the ants inside? if not, then no worries... ants outside are excellent for keeping your soil light and aerated. ants can be the good guys!!!!!

  4. Oh yes they are inside alright. Everywhere, not only where there is food. Like they walk around the door frame of the bathroom, march through tissue boxes. We're under siege. I will put that box outside under the deck under the kitchen, that might help.


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