At least I look like a good housewife

If you saw me you might mistakenly think I am 1950s housewife with my house all spic and span.


  1. That turned out so cute!

    Yep, the apron-housewife thing. Had to load everyone up and go to the doctor today. There were two women, probably 30 ish, in there weaing their aprons. Not even cute ones. Just ugle black and brown ones. Drives me crazy when they go out in public with their aprons on. I always think of my grandmothers who would have rather dropped dead on the spot than parade around town with their aprons on.

    Um, sorry, babbling on, doped up with lots of goodies from the pharmacy.

  2. your apron looks great!!!

    and sherry, i hate the aprons in public too. I mean, get real. but, i know that you know that it is just a "uniform" a statement to the outside world that they are in *housewife* mode. and when they wear up to the elbow cotton gloves and a big straw hat they are the *gardener* and when they wear their long spikey high heel shoes... it's take me out and...

    oops, sorry blooming....

    hope the drugs make you better soon. blame it on the cuervo.

  3. LOL! Yep, "The Uniform" but you forgot the one you have to start wearing the second you find out you are pregnant - big billowy tent dress thing with socks and sneakers, 7 layers of underwear even in summer to keep your stomach from getting cold, and ugly mismatched t-shirt of your choice, short or long sleeved depending on the season.

    Cuervo, you say? Drugs and Cuervo?! I'll be right back. LOL!

  4. Gosh wracking my brains wondering which anonymous drinks tequila? Jan in Nagasaki?

    Thanks for your comments on my apron. The vertical stripes are very slimming don't you think?

  5. The apron is wonderful! This post was hilarious. Funny how aprons are so in now.

  6. Do you think I should wear it out???

  7. Wear it to the next PTA meeting!


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